Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Acacia Creek Community Association and what does it do?


The ACHOA was established to enhance the aesthetics of the community. The organization is financially supported by all members of the Acacia Creek Community Association. The membership is both automatic and mandatory.


2. Who is the management company for our subdivision, what do they do and how do I reach them?


Acacia Creek Community Association is currently managed by the Board of Directors of Acacia Creek. They are responsible for the day to day management of Acacia Creek Community Association and report directly to the corporation's Board of Directors. The management company executes the decisions made by the Board of Directors.


Acacia Creek Community Association

P.O. Box 10182

Fort Wayne, IN 46851

3. If I am having a problem with a neighbor or a violation of the Policies or ACC Guidelines. What can I do?


If residents cannot resolve a situation between themselves, then turn to the association. Should you have a situation that does not appear to be resolved through neighborly means please contact the Board of Directors for further assistance.


4. Are board meetings open to all residents? If so, where and when are they held?


Board meetings are open only to board members. Notice of the time and place of the annual board meeting will be noted on our website in advance of the meeting, when possible.


5. What are the annual Homeowner' dues?


The annual dues are currently $175.00 per year, payable by all homeowners on or before February 1st of the current year. Annual dues are mandatory by all homeowners in Acacia Creek. If your dues are not paid in a timely manner, you will be provided a second notice, and or a lien will be placed or the delinquent dues will be turned over to a collection agency.

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