Information provided by Animal Control - Sheriff of Allen County David Gladieux


How to contact us:


Non-Emergency: 449-7491

Emergency: 449-3000


By mail:    Attention Animal Control

12535 Lima Rd

Fort Wayne, IN 46818




Animal control officers deal with domestic animals. The services that Allen County Sheriff's Animal Control Division offer includes: picking up stray animals, pickup of injured stray animals, investigation of animal bite cases, enforcement of the Allen County ordinances pertaining to animal cruelty and neglect cases (including domesticated livestock) and any other domestic animal-related public safety issues. Animal Control also investigates attacks on livestock by stray dogs. In some cases, Animal Control may also assist injured wildlife if a DNR Officer is unavailable.




The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) handles complaints about nuisance wildlife and poaching of wildlife.


Phone # 426-0807




Animals running at large: call Animal Control and let us know where the animal lives. We will give the animal owner a warning for the first complaint. Most of the time, a warning will take care of the problem. If the animal continues to run at large, a ticket may be written.


Stray Animal (Owner unknown)


If the animal is contained, call Animal Control and an Officer will pick up the stray animal. If the animal is aggressive, let the office know at the time of the call. We don't like to be surprised when we arrive at your home!


Allen County Ordinances


8-14-1-2 Owner: The person having the right of property or custody of a dog or cat or who keeps or harbors a dog or cat or knowingly permits a dog or cat to remain on or about any premises occupied by that person.


8-14-1-4 Public Nuisance: A dog or cat which: 1) interferes with the passerby or passing vehicles; 2) attacks other animals or persons; 3) is repeatedly at large or unrestrained; 4) damages private or public property, or 5) barks, whines, howls or makes other sounds common to its species in excess of 30 minutes at a time.


8-12-2-1 Stray Dog or Cat: No person shall allow any dog or cat to stray beyond his premises unless the dog or cat I under reasonable control of some person or when engaged in lawful hunting accompanied by the owner or custodian.


State Laws


IC 35-46-3-1 Sec 1. A person who knowingly or intentionally harbors a dog that is over the age of six (6) months and not immunized against rabies commits harboring a non-immunized dog, a Class C infraction. However, the offense is a Class B Misdemeanor if the dog causes bodily injury by biting a person.


IC 35-46-3-7 Sec 7. A person having a vertebrate animal in the person's custody who recklessly, knowingly, or intentionally abandons or neglects the animal commits cruelty to an animal, a Class B Misdemeanor.



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